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Bass & Associates, P.C. utilizes skilled attorney and paralegal participation in the analysis and management of every aspect of our bankruptcy cases.

Our nationwide bankruptcy program offers the following services:

    •    Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 for both secured and unsecured portfolios
    •    Skilled attorney and paralegal case management
    •    Segmentation of portfolios to address individual geographic and account needs
    •    Electronic interface with clients, courts and national databases
    •    Comprehensive surrender program
    •    Compliance with each unique court and trustee requirements
    •    First-hand familiarity with the trustees and their personnel
    •    Court approved reaffirmations
    •    341 Hearing attendance
    •    Handling of adversarial proceedings, preferences and other legal actions
    •    Challenge to credit abuse cases and selected Chapter 13 plans

Our operational model provides in-depth knowledge by court, trustee and local counsel to insure compliance with each unique court and trustee requirement. Specifically, this approach allows us to efficiently manage accounts in all locations nationwide.

We often secure equitable agreements with debtors' attorneys well in advance of Section 341 hearings. By providing timely and responsive legal representation, we obtain a high number of reaffirmation agreements and voluntary surrenders of collateral. Our firm also handles all motions, objections, adversarial proceedings and other legal matters that might arise on the accounts we are servicing.

We receive daily updates on bankruptcy filings, utilize national trustee databases, receive electronic bankruptcy notifications, and file claims electronically with courts. We continuously monitor the status of our accounts for changes in case filings including discharges and dismissals.

Bass & Associates, P.C. also provides its clients with important and pertinent information regarding legislation, rules and regulations that would affect their bankruptcy policies and procedures.

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