Our Service

Our reputation and our competitive success depend on achieving high returns for our clients in a completely compliant manner.

Bass & Associates, P.C. is committed to providing the best possible service to all of our clients. This starts with having the right people in the right places within our company. We conduct detailed interviews with position applicants to identify the best possible people to join our team. Every new employee, from intern to attorney, attends a comprehensive orientation. Additionally, all employees must pass compliance testing prior to beginning any regular job functions and annually thereafter.

A significant portion of our training curriculum focuses on understanding our clients and how best to work their accounts. Employees assigned to a particular client are trained on that client's unique needs and attributes through our Client Certification Program. The majority of our staff conducts most of their day-to-day work on the phones. Therefore, respectful and collaborative telephone conduct is paramount. We conduct on-going call monitoring and coaching to reinforce necessary behaviors and assist in mastering successful call handling.

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